“I consider pilates a wonderful gift to my body. It is hard work that takes concentration, practice, and persistence. I am a man in my fifties who started pilates instruction over 5 years ago and have found myself becoming stronger, more flexible, and more aware of the muscles in body. I almost laugh when I think about how I envisioned my body when I first began. I had nagging back pain when I first started pilates and I found it difficult to turn properly when swinging a golf club and being extremely sore after every round. After a year of regular practice, I became completely pain free and my golf game has become increasingly more consistent and I am driving the ball farther than ever. I am no longer sore after a round of golf either. Gayle and her staff are wonderful and patient instructors and I love working with all of them." —Robert H. Bernstein

"There is no place better than Hardcore Pilates!!! Best workout, most knowledgeable and friendly group of staff you will ever find!!! Hardcore Pilates ROCKS!!!!”—JanS

“I have never felt so good about myself in all of my life. Thank you Hardcore Pilates”   —Jennifer G

"Love the studio... the instructors, the clients and the vibe! The workouts are challenging whether you are a beginner or advanced. I credit both my private and group sessions to increasing my flexibility, powering my strength, and helping my posture to be only a few of the benefits I get at Hardcore Pilates.”—LindaS

“Hardcore is my favorite place to be. Gayle is an motivating and inspiring instructor. She truly takes the time and energy to teach to make sure you get the best workout. She truly is one of a kind and I always look forward to going. Its not often that I miss and if I do there is a good reason behind it.”—NatalieB

"If you’re a little bit intimidated about sharing your less-than-perfect physique with a new set of gym spectators but know you need some training help, Hardcore Pilates of Woodland Hills is the place for you. After checking out six different pilates studios in the Valley, I found the one place that offered the perfect set of trainers, equipment and environment that made me feel comfortable while their trainers systematically increased my core strength and flexibility. The trainers are top notch, and—unlike some highly advertised gyms—truly engage you in a customized training program to fit your needs. Keeping true to this personalized philosophy, the staff never push you beyond a safe level of improvement. You will become stronger and more flexible, and you will quickly learn to trust their coaching about each additional rep you can handle. Hardcore of Woodland Hills has the deepest pool of certified Pilates instructors in LA so they are more likely to be able to fit an instruction program to your scheduling needs. My review is based upon a 7 year history of working with this establishment." —Jon Gilchrist

“Hardcore is a killer workout, but with a very welcoming and friendly atmosphere. It's by far the best pilates studio in Los Angeles!”—StephanieM

“Excellent Pilates studio...fun, inviting, and feels like you've worked out for hours, including stretches, twists, extensions, core...in only an hour. The instructors are friendly and very helpful. Anyone can do it!”—DeniseT

“I’m a new Mom. I can truly say that I look and feel better than I did before I had my baby. I love Hardcore Pilates!!”—-Julie

"For many months, I drove by Hardcore Pilates wanting to stop in, but I had a pilates studio that I was already training at. Finally, something made me walk-in and I am so glad that I did! I have been practicing pilates for 10 years, with many different instructors and master teachers. The trainers at Hardcore are well educated, challenging and professional. It is called Hardcore Pilates for more reasons than one! I love working out at Hardcore—it's the best part of my week!"  —Anonymous

“I love Hardcore and wouldn't go anywhere else. Gayle, the owner, gives 150%. She is warm, kind, encouraging and pushes you to your edge. Most importantly, I have seen HUGE changes in my body since I started. I actually have a waist line now and I am so much stronger.”—JackieG

"I have been going to Hardcore Pilates since 2008.It has transformed my life.Not only are the instructors knowledgeable but the place has a great vibe.The people who attend Hardcore Pilates are very enthusiastic and hard working.Because of it's size, the classesare never crowded so you are able to get the attention from the instructor that you need. I give it 5 stars."—LP

"I am a 66 year-old woman who has had a back problem for over 12 years. The problem is muscular in nature and requires very specific attention in order for me to feel good and be pain-free. Although I had always exercised, followed a sound nutritional diet and taken care of my body, whatever I was doing, was not giving me the relief I had found in the past. A good friend suggested I add pilates to my workout program and took me personally to Hardcore Pilates. Because I had this ongoing back problem and knew my body so well, I could describe and explain exactly what I was experiencing, what had worked for me in the past and what aggravated my back in the present. What was so encouraging to me was that my instructor could assess my issues and design a pilates program specifically for my needs. I became a pilates convert almost immediately because I felt so good after each session. I began with two sessions a week and then added a third one. I can say that the staff at Hardcore Pilates are among the most knowledgeable, the most enthusiastic, the most professional and the friendliest instructors with whom I have had the opportunity to work. When you walk through the doors of the studio, you find yourself in an environment that showcases the best in pilates equipment, a warm and inviting décor, and a welcoming feeling that immediately puts you at ease. I learned a long time ago, that you have to look long and hard until you find what works for you. Fortunately for me, I found it at Hardcore Pilates." —Madeleine

"Hardcore Pilates is where I go to take care of me.”—AK

"Two years ago I injured my back and the pain was unbearable.I started a light pilates regime which amazingly took a lot of the pain away after the first session.After two years at Hardcore Pilates I am doing great and am able to complete more advanced movements with NO pain.If a doctor could prescribe a weekly pill to eliminate back pain, Hardcore Pilates is my pill." —Craig Rogers

"I have attended the Woodland Hills studio since January 2007. This is a very special place with a wonderful aura. It was a slow start for me, but the instructors were extremely knowledgeable with my physical issues. They provided the exact mix of support and toughness that I needed to move along. (I admit I’m a big moaner and groaner!) Today, I’m so proud of the progress I’ve made with their help. I love the reformer, the Cadillac and even mat classes. I’m also slowly, but surely, achieving the “longer, leaner”look that Pilates produces. It’s not an exaggeration to say that Hardcore Pilates has changed my life!" —Justine Granas

"I have been getting my "butt kicked" at the Pilates studio in Woodland Hills since it opened for business, 3 to 4 times a week.  I signed up for "privates" and fell in love with Pilates after my first training.  I was shocked!  I have always exercised, but I never did anything other than weight training and cardio.  I had tried Yoga once and hated it.  It wasn't until I suffered a knee injury that I had to find a new form of exercise to give my knee time to heal.  I have seen and felt more results just doing Pilates than I have felt or seen in all my years of weight training and cardio combined. It's absolutely amazing.  I am single mother with four kids and thanks to HCP, I have some pretty good ab definition going on, most importantly, a wonderful friendship with some of the most amazing woman on this planet." —Patrica Alba

Hardcore Pilates

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